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Communities & Workforce

In 2010 the Department of Labor (DOL) stated that the unemployment rate for individuals with autism was nearly 90%. Although there may have been a slight increase in employment in the past five years, there has not been enough of a movement for numbers to be aligned. It is a priority of Autism Forward, Inc. to educate the community & the workforce on how to embrace the unique skill sets and abilities of employees and co-workers presenting characteristics of autism. If you would like more information on the benefits of employing an individual with autism, getting your staff trained in working with individuals with autism, or just need your community to have a greater awareness and understanding of autism, contact us today. We would be honored to move your community forward through education, training, and advocacy.


  • Community Education       

  • Stakeholder Awareness 

  • Employment Enhancement Training

Health Care Professionals


If your career is in the healthcare industry, it is likely that you have had the opportunity to care for an individual with autism. Whether you're a neurosurgeon, and ER doctor, an X-Ray technician, a dentist, or an opthalmologist, you may have felt as though a little more information about an individual prior to their visit would have been helpful. At Autism Forward, Inc., we recognize the need for training and support for both the providers and the patients. We customize support & training based on your medical facility & patient needs as a result of a consultation with you or your office. For further information and details about our services, please contact us today. We are eager to move this industry, your practice, and the success of medical visits forward.


  • Healthcare Professional Education 

  • Patient Systems of Support  

  • Family-Healthcare facilitation


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