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The mission of Able Eyes is to provide visual, state of the art experiences/teaching tools to children and adults with disabilities. Able Eyes provides a user friendly platform to teach skills, and explore environments from several different perspectives. Our ultimate goal is to make businesses and public venues more accessible for people of all abilities by offering visual tours, making them “Able Eyes Accessible.”


360 Virtual tours allow users to "virtually"  explore an environment prior to physically walking in. This can for the purpose of assessing accessibility (for someone with a physical disability) and/or decreasing anxiety (for someone on the spectrum or experiencing extreme anxiety). 

Users are able to choose a location on our website, and view the businesses nearby that are making accessibility a priority and welcoming customers of all abilities. 


Video Modeling is a research based strategy for instructing children and adults on the spectrum through the use of video. Videos are presented from several different perspectives and styles to meet the needs of different styles of learning. Videos include "How To" and "What to Expect." This is also a database for sharing videos that others may find useful. By sharing our resources, parents and educators can have quick and easy access to the tools they need and we can ALL stop "recreating the wheel."


As a certified life coach and certified personal trainer, my expertise and passions are rooted in a love for people, communications, discovering and maximizing personal potential and self-awareness. 

I am fascinated by how we orchestrate and express ourselves to others. My passion is elevating human potential and encouraging others. I express my creativity through conversation and personal style. to connect with me, visit and write me a note!


Ready For Life is a non-profit organization that provides inclusive learning opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities in Grand Rapids, MI and Holland, MI. There are several programs for individuals 18-26, and 26+ so no matter what the age, your transition or employment aged child can participate.

Think College is a national organization dedicated to developing, expanding, and improving inclusive higher education options for people with intellectual disability. No matter where you are located in the US, you can find an accredited program for your child. Check out the website for more information.


Handshake is an online job board used at both Hope and Calvin College to post job openings. If you're looking for a CLS or Respite worker who is a young adult, jump on and create a job posting today! No need to wait for the lack of adult workers, reach out to students who are passionate about learning and working with your child, youth, young adult, or adult child. 

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